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About me

My name is Alesia. I was born, lived, came close to losing my head a couple of times — both literally and figuratively. I lived through drama enough to fill the pages of two or three novels. I never studied creative writing, and yet I call myself a writer.

I published my first article in a small regional newspaper the same year I learned to write. As a child I spent a lot of time by myself, imagining I'm a journal editor (I was the designer, the writer and the reader) and inventing new languages.

As I grew older, I tried myself in different genres, writing for newspapers and magazines, publishing fairy-tales and short stories, and even self-publishing erotic romance under a pseudonym.

I'm working on finishing my first book, "The Return of Light" — a semi-autobiographical fantasy novel for young adults. I'm writing it, simultaneously, in Russian and English language.

About Me: About Me
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